Friday, December 4, 2009


... I volunteer at the school.
...the laundry never ends. family wants to eat.
...I prepare lessons to teach at church.
...I accompany others on the piano and/or organ.
...I go grocery shopping.
...every dish and surface in the kitchen are simultaneously dirty.'s the holiday season, thus adding about 47 more things to my to-do list.
...I get roped into making a gingerbread temple for the church Christmas party.
...the gingerbread temple takes hours - no, days - to make.

And sometimes I also bring a breakfast casserole to that Christmas party.

But that is not all. Oh no, that is not all.

Sometimes... son goes through the house like a little tornado and turns everything upside down and inside out.

...that same son develops a favorite hobby of pulling glass ornaments off the Christmas tree and sticking them on his fingers, then running around the house while I try to catch him. daughter throws 3 humongous tantrums in one day that involve weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, general mass hysteria, and cause us to be late to wherever we are going. other daughter gets sick and has to be picked up from school. Sometimes this means hauling the other two kids out into the freezing rain (during nap time) to go get her.

...the sick daughter isn't really sick (they sent her home with a 99.2 degree fever? Really?), but still asks for water/movie/snack/
medicine/entertainment every 2.43 minutes.

...a glass shatters all over the floor and adds an additional hour to cleaning the kitchen.

...I get sick and have to see a doctor. left leg is shorter than my right leg. Okay, actually this is all the time.

...that 1/4" difference in leg length causes a lot of pain.

And sometimes all of the above happens in a 48-hour period of time.

But sometimes... knight in shining armor (i.e. Anders in a black wool pea coat) shows up on his white stallion (i.e. gray Mazda) and rescues me from a certain death (or at least from having a panic attack).

...Anders sends me to my room so I can rest while he cleans the house with the kids.

...Anders takes us out to dinner at my favorite place in the whole world: Chic-fil-A.
Sometimes I think I have the best husband in the whole world.